Lord Nut Peanuts Zesty Chili Lime

Lord Nut Peanuts Zesty Chili Lime*. Levington™. Net Wt 8 oz (227 g). Catcall inspires new taste. Hailing from ye olde blighty - a land devoid of flavor - lord nut Levington is on a never-ending quest for tastes that titillate his tongue... Once, after mooring his ship at Banaba Island, Lord Nut majestically stepped off his vessel. A local dock wench, taken aback by his virile presence, whistled and shouted out, “Come over here, hot Limey!” That provocative proposition inspired Lord Nut to blend his hot spice with limes to create this enticing flavour. It also led to a shot of penicillin. *With other natural flavors. Call: 1-888-544-NUTS. Visit: www.lordnut.com.