Crayola Silly Scents Crayons, Scented, Twistables

3+. Nontoxic. No sharpening - just twist! Crayola Silly Scents Twistables Crayons are infused with 24 flavorful scents and colors to match! Cherry. Strawberry. Cinnamon. Orange. Popcorn. Lemon. Banana. Lime. Watermelon. Green apple. Pine. Beach. Blueberry. Cola. Wild berry. Grape. Fruit smoothie. Fruit punch. Cotton candy. Licorice. Coconut. Fresh air. Root beer. Flower. Contents and colors may vary. Please retain packaging for future reference. Though safe and nontoxic this product contains a bittering agent to discourage consumption. Safety Information: ACMI: AP - Art & Creative Materials Institute certified. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. All Crayola art materials are nontoxic. Questions/Comments Call 1-800-Crayola (800-272-9652), M-F, 9 AM-4 PM ET. Made in China.